DBCE Fatorda
05 Oct 2017
Higher Education

To meet Industry goals and requirements the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in association with DBEATS conducted a one day workshop on “LabVIEW” which was held on September 23, 2017 for the third year students. A total of 29 students attended the workshop.

The main objective of this workshop was to upgrade the skills of the students thereby providing a common platform to explore the usage of Virtual Instrumentation and Design aspects using simulation with the help of NI-LABVIEW.

The following areas were covered with hands-on exposure to the software:
• Brief overview of LabVIEW and its applications.
• Mathematical operations
• Digital Logic using Boolean gates
• For Loops with various examples
• Shift Registers and its applications
• Design of Arrays with examples
• Conditional While Loops
• Practical system examples using Case Structures.
• Implementation of higher end computation using Formula Nodes.
• Hierarchical designing using Sub-VI

Asst. Prof. Flavia Leitao and Asst. Prof. Mathilda Colaco were the resource people for the workshop. The final session ended with a feedback from the students. They said, “it which was of high quality and very useful and we suggested conducting such programmes more frequently”.

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