Cl. Benson Po, SDB
06 Mar 2018
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The children in action

The province Catechetical Day 2018 was held on February 10, 2018 at Don Bosco Sulcorna. Six Salesian schools of the Panjim province participated in this event.

A Family is a home which is made up of hearts was the topic on which the participants presented their songs, skits, dances, etc. The day began with a few ice-breakers conducted by CL. Benson Po, followed by an input session given by Fr. Edison Fernandes. The session was based on the Gospel of Jesus being lost in the temple. During this session all the themes were touched upon, like the importance of moments of togetherness, dialogue in the family, family discipline, deeds that build up a family and prayer in the family. Later there was a discussion where the students had to share with each other about their families and how each of them could help their families to contribute to the spiritual health of the family.

Following this session Mrs. Tereza Baretto a Salesian Cooperator from Don Bosco Benaulim shared about her family. She highlighted on the fact that marriage is a vocation from God. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Austin Fernandes who also dwelt on the importance of the family during his homily. Fr. Provincial at the end of the Eucharist gave a short message telling each of the students to place Jesus Christ at the centre of their lives. After lunch the students presented their items for the day. The day concluded at 4: 00 pm with tea and snacks.

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