MBBS Launch YAR Campaign Against Children Trafficking

Arun Mendonca
15 Sep 2020
Margaret Bosco Bal Sadan Paliem

MBBS YAR campaign against child trafficking seminar

The annual YAR campaign was officially launched in the province of Panjim at Margaret Bosco Bal Sadan, a shelter home for children in need of care and protection, Paliem, Ucassaim (MBBS) on September 8, 2020.

The campaign focused on, Prevention of Child Trafficking with the theme, Break my Chains, Return my Dreams. Human Rights Activist, Desiree D` Souza, was the Chief Guest of the program. Declaring the campaign open she spoke on the value of human life especially that of a child.

The launch held in a shelter home, is only a tiny spark to light a bigger flame of prevention, protection and restoration for the children especially those who are victims of trafficking said Fr. Jose Sequeira, rector of MBBS. The campaign was given a fitting end with a lighted candle in the hand of the audience, reminding each one of us to be the light in the life of many especially the underprivileged. Come let us be the light to those who are in darkness, added Fr. Sequeira.

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