DBCA Holds Webinar On Endophytes In Rice Salt Tolerant Genotypes

Dr. Gourish Karanjalker
05 Oct 2020
Don Bosco Agro-Ed Complex

Screen shot of DBCA webinar on Endophytes

Don Bosco College of Agriculture (DBCA), Sulcorna Goa, successfully organized an online webinar on, Endophytes modify alternative splicing events in paddy genotype subjected to salinity stress on October 2, 2020.

Salinity of Khazan lands is highlighted as major problem of agriculture in Goa and efforts to address this issue is done extensively through research trials said Dr. Karanjalkar.

Gandhi KrishVighyan Kendra (UAS), Bengaluru, Dr. Megha H.S, speaking from her vast experiences and her doctoral research, she explained the various molecular mechanisms and role of endophytes in genotypes tolerant to salinity. She explained how the Pokkali (the salt tolerant variety) from Karnataka is experimented with salt stress trials for understanding the endophytes mechanism. She opined that Goans have good salt tolerant varieties which could be used in the breeding program for solving the khazan problems. The agriculture students were enlightened with the new conceptual topic on molecular biology.

The webinar was coordinated by Dr. Gourish Karanjalker, Dr. Rachana Kolambkar, Satish Patil and Sulochana Xete Dessai. Over 50 student of agriculture participated in the webinar.

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