Awareness and Training on Oyster Mushroom Held at DBCA

Dr. Rakesh Kawale
08 Oct 2020
Don Bosco Agro-Ed Complex

DBCA Workshop on Oyster mushroom technology

India achieved food security by producing over 200 million tonnes of food grain. However, the struggle to achieve nutritional food still continues. Don Bosco College of Agriculture (DBCA) in collaboration with Forum for Innovation, Incubation, Research and Entrepreneurship (FiIRE) organized a one day Awareness and Training programme on Oyster Mushroom Production Technology on October 7, 2020.

Resource person, Asst. Prof. Plant Pathology, Dr. Narayan Pandit Gurav, spoke about mushroom production, it’s nutritional and medicinal. He also said, producing mushrooms can empower the farmers especially rural women to produce mushroom for home consumption and as an option for self- employment.

The objective of the workshop was to create awareness about mushroom production, and aimed to help farmers become self-reliant with small land holding, minimum investment and producing for consumption as well to fetch sufficient self-market finance said Director DBCA Fr. Allwyn D’Souza.

The training was to help participants start their own business on mushroom production as self-employed and also create employment for youths in Goa. The production of mushrooms is quite easy especially the Oyster mushroom. The production can easily be undertaken by farmers, entrepreneurs with low inputs.

Lab Assistant, Deepashree Naik, demonstrated the method of producing oyster mushrooms to give a hands on training to the participants.
Prof. Vinod Tukaram Atkari, spoke on the construction of the shed for production, post-harvest handling, processing and marketing of the mushrooms.
Director, Fr. Allwyn D’Souza, Community Manager, FiIRE, Tushar Sawant, Prof. Satish Patil, Dr. Shreyas Jadhav and Prof. Sanjay Nitave were also present for the program.

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