Corporate Dressing Etiquette Held at DBC Panjim

Daniel Monteiro
10 Apr 2021
Don Bosco Panjim

DBC BBA students of travel and tourism at workshop on dress etiquette

It is rightly said, a man is known by his dress and address. Students of Third Year (BBA) Bachelor of Business Administration, Travel and Tourism, Don Bosco College (DBC), Panjim participated in the Business Etiquette session as part of their one credit course organized by Faculty In charge, Asst. Professor Valerie Carvalho e Abreu with resource person, Freelancer and Corporate Event Host, Merlyn Maria D’Silva, on the topic, Corporate Dressing, Dress for Success on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

D'Silva in her session, spoke on the various dos and don’ts of dressing and grooming. She advised students to research the cultural and social norms of different businesses so that they know in advance what would be appropriate, as dressing etiquette varies from place to place, with each business having its own dressing norms.

She also stressed on the importance of self-love and self-worth, both of which are often ignored by many. She said, one can transform themselves and improve their self-worth by eating healthy, sleeping on time, hydrating and keeping fit. She also gave the students tips on wearing accessories and make-up in various settings.

The session gave the students an insight on dressing etiquette and the sense of self-confidence that comes with it. It cleared various misconceptions that they had about grooming and formal dressing, said a participant.

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