DBCA Successfully Produces Organic Jaggery

15 Apr 2021
Don Bosco Agro-Ed Complex

DBCA producing chemical free jaggery

Don Bosco College of Agriculture (DBCA) Sulcorna, has successfully produced 150 kgs of chemical free, organic jaggery from sugarcane grown on campus with application of only organic manure, and pesticides said Principal DBCA, Dr Suresh Kunkalikar.

Jaggery production, especially that which is chemical free, has better scope for value addition to sugarcane farmers as jaggery produced from 1 ton of sugarcane can fetch them more than double the income from the sale of sugarcane to regular sugar factories said, Dr Kunkalikar. The sugarcane growers may look at it as an opportunity to earn more income. We produced about 150 kgs of jaggery in one day and are selling it @Rs 120/kg he added.

Dr Kunkalikar has also announced that DBCA is willing to help sugarcane growers and farmers from Goa to produce jaggery and also share with them the technology and install small commercial units of jaggery production when invited. The college is now planning to expand the activity of producing jaggery from sugarcane to help farmers and sugarcane growers from Goa also as part of the ongoing programme, Swayampurna Goa.

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