School Student Body Installed

Francis Xavier
08 Jul 2022
Don Bosco Oros
College Student Council

Investiture at DB Oros of Student Leaders 2022-23

In well planned and rehearsed ceremony on the occasion of the school celebration of the Feast of Saint Dominic Savio, the newly elected School Student Leaders and office bearers took to stage before the school and took the oath administered by the Rector of the institution Father Paul D’Souza on July 6, 2022.

Addressing the students Father D’Souza said, Saint Dominic Savio was a leader at a very young age of 10 years. We have often heard the saying; leaders are not born rather made and we have to learn the art of leadership if we want to be respected citizens and honourable persons. Saint Dominic Savio learned the art of leadership under the guidance of Saint John Bosco. The qualities to be a good and effective leader can be found in the word Leader using it as an acronym where L stands for love. Dominic Savio had great love for God and his companions. He was deeply spiritual and gained respect from his friends. E stands for encouragement. Dominic always encouraged his companions to do well and thus he brought out the best in his companions. A stands for assertive. A very important quality in a leadership which Dominic maintained well as a leader among his companions. The letter D stands for discipline. Dominic did ordinary things in an extraordinary way and he always led his companions by example especially in following the rules of the oratory. The letter E stands for enthusiasm. Dominic carried out his duties with great enthusiasm and joy that won the hearts of all his superiors. R stands for responsibility. Dominic was a leader with good character and temperament. And finally, S stands for service that sums up the real purpose of becoming a leader, to serve others. Saint John Bosco always told his boys, serve God with cheerfulness because sanctity consists in being cheerful and joyful in fulfilling one’s duties. Father D’Souza conclude by wishing the newly appointed leaders a happy and fulfilling experience of being a leader among their companions and of the institution.

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