First Aid Training at DB HSS Panjim

Andrew De Souza & Jayden Paes
10 Aug 2018
Don Bosco Panjim
Skill Training

Mr Jovito Lopes demonstrating the life saving techniques to the staff and students of DB HSS Panjim

A hands-on training programme focussing on basic First Aid Skills for emergencies was organised for the staff and students of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim. Mr Jovito Lopes, Secretary of Saint Johnís Ambulance Society, Panajim and a versatile motivational speaker was the Resource Person.

Starting his sessions by listing the various diseases related to lifestyle, Mr Lopes explained the fundamentals of First Aid before elaborating on the treatment procedures to be followed for different types of injuries. While stressing on the Golden Hour Rule for respiratory and cardiac emergencies, he emphasized the fact that it is our sacred duty to do our utmost to save lives. Demonstrating how volunteers should act and respond to a casualty and apply corrective methods, he further explained the right way of administering the AVPU test and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) to an unconscious person. Valuable information was also provided on the need for a fully-equipped first aid box to be made available in school.

The demonstrations were made enjoyable with participant involvement, witty anecdotes and interactive question and answer sessions. The enriching program was well coordinated by Ms Irene DíMello and Mr Nilesh Pai.

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