Live Wire 2018 gets the best out of creative HSS Panjim

Astride Furtado
13 Sep 2018
Don Bosco Panjim
Art, Drama & Music

XII Arts winners of Live Wire 2018 display their trophy with class teacher Selza Lopes, Principal Fr Savio Gomes and Gurudas Pilarnekar, Director for Arts and Culture

A vibrant mix of colour, ideas and creativity reigned supreme during the two bustling days of Live Wire 2018. Held on September 10 & 11, this inter-class HSS festival themed “Discover the New Creative You” unveiled latent talent and creative geniuses from among the students.

True to its philosophy ‘to deliver experiences and discoveries,’ the event hosted interclass competitions catering to students of varying aptitude. Electrifying performances alongside activities aimed at developing ‘out of the box’ thinking skills engaged students in exploring and nurturing their inherent capabilities.

The Inaugural Ceremony was graced by Chief Guest, Sintia Costa Fernandes, PTA Vice President. Jubilant celebrations accompanied a striking parade of the Student Council displaying the gleaming trophies at stake. The festival was then declared open. Later in the day the off stage contests demonstrated captivating vistas of art, design and innovation.

The second day followed with exhilarating high-intensity onstage clashes between the different classes. Gurudas Pilarnekar, Director for Arts and Culture, Govt. of Goa was the Chief Guest for the occasion. Nostalgia flowed thick and strong as the participants went ‘Tip-Tap-Toe’ to the beats of the 70s and 80s. ‘Funny Bone’ aroused peals of laughter with the young entertainers putting their comedy skills to the test. Based on wide ranging themes the much awaited funky fashion fiesta ‘Mad Stitches’ set the mercury rising by featuring youthful, vibrant and fantastically extravagant designs flaunted by dazzling models.

The judges definitely had their work cut out as they were awestruck by the resourcefulness and skillset of the participants. XII Arts led by their class teacher Selza Lopes emerged victorious, lifting the coveted Championship trophy while the Runners up trophy was jointly shared by XII Commerce A and XII Science A. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Cultural Secretary, Jayden Paes.

The school also concurrently celebrated the Ganesh festival. The significance of Lord Ganesha was reverently brought out through music and dance. An atmosphere of merriment and camaraderie lingered as the two day gala event drew to a delightful end while the school closed for the Ganesh Break.

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