Don Bosco Sutgatti-Hubli begin 'Save Water Project'

Infancio Pires, sdb
12 Oct 2018
Don Bosco Academy

The management of the school with the eco club members on the site of the water tank

The Eco club members of Don Bosco School, Sutgatti-Hubli have tried to save water in their own little way through a small project they have undertaken.
A small tank in the garden near the tap which is most used in the campus is constructed to collect all the water which would flow out while the students would use it. This project was first conceptualized by Bro infancio Pires who is also the member of the eco club and was supported by the Management. The students on their own dug the pit and prepared the place, the finishing of the tank was done with the help of professionals. The water collected is used every alternate day to water plants and more specifically the lawn in the garden. During the rainy season the same tank will also be helpful in collecting the water from the roof.

When interviewed, the students involved pompously said that they are proud of themselves and would be eager to do the same in their own homes.

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