YUYUTSA at DBCA Sulcorna

Miguel Braganza
13 Mar 2019
Don Bosco Agro-Ed Complex

“It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around can warm up in its glowing”. The students of Don Bosco College of Agriculture, Sulcorna-Goa, experienced God’s love in the form of METEORA 2K18 and it has been raging through them ever since... like a forest on fire ! They won a few prizes and the “Miss Meteora” title before Christmas. Hide it under a bushel? Oh no! They let it shine through by winning the title at the YUVA SANGRAM of CES College, Cuncolim, and becoming the most vociferous group at ANANTARA of Damodar College, Margao. When they discovered that they have it in them, they decided to flaunt it. So the ‘Green Glares’ inter-class Fun Days competition transformed itself into the YUYUTSA 2K19!

The Students’ Council is composed exclusively of the TYBSc (Agri) students as per a management fiat. So the General Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Sports Secretary and the Ladies’ Representative went about organizing the event along with their classmates and the Class Representatives of the other three classes. Ryan Carvalho was roped in to anchor the event because of his experience and organizational skills. All the students from all the classes chipped in with suggestions and shouldered different responsibilities. There were hiccups but they took them in their stride. They organized the sports events which included ‘Controlled Cricket’ with a small pitch and under-arm bowling, tug-of-war and ‘logorio’ (seven tiles), that most of the students played for the first time in their life!

The “Third Degree” contest would make city students scream and protest. Among known persons, the ‘Mirchi Pao’, loaded with green chilies and chilli chutney in Andhra style, was swallowed rather than to swallow one’s pride and the ‘Shuddhikaran’ with a cow-dung water drench was accepted with a smile as were the other ‘tasks’ to perform or perish. The ‘Fashion Show’ was Nature themed with gods and titans, both Greek and Indian. It was such a stupendous show that even the Director, Fr Allwyn D’Souza, was moved to call it ‘awesome’.

Fr Constantino Fernandes sdb, Tania Keni, Palesh Gawas and others judged the on-stage events while Santosh Patil adjudged the sports events. The CS, Liza Pinheiro, deserves to be applauded for capping a successful run of cultural events with the in-house YUYUTSA.

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