Recollection for the Salesian Family at Odxel

Cynthia Rego
10 Apr 2019
Salesian Family

Fr Lino Lopes with the participants of Recollection at Odxel

Fr. Lino Lopez, Parish Priest of Kudal conducted a half day recollection at Don Bosco Provincial House, Odxel on April 7, 2019.

The participants prayed the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary appropriate for the Lenten season.

The main topic of the recollection was forgiveness, confession and sincere return to the Lord. When Christians profess their faith in the ‘I believe’, do they really believe in the forgiveness of their sins? Jesus died on the Cross to forgive each sin and to say ‘I love you’.

When God controls his people, it is a blessing. When the devil takes control of ones life, it is a curse. Bad Confession is a sacrilege, it does not allow the power of God’s blessings to flow.

During the adoration, the preacher offered a five point reflection:
1. Resolve not to sin anymore
2. Accept Jesus the Lord and Saviour. Mean it as it is said and follow it earnestly.
3. Lead a holy life
4. Evangelize… use our wealth, power, influence to bring back those who have moved away; helping the poor, the orphans, sick, aged, visiting the prisoners; intercede for others;
5. Forgive enemies

Unforgiveness to others will bring in four bad consequences:
1. Sins will not be forgiven
2. Prayers will not be answered
3. Will not receive the Holy Spirit which is so important for us to be holy
4. Inner wounds will not be healed

All those who attended the recollection had an opportunity to avail of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the celebration of the Holy Mass.

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