Teachers begin with a spiritual tone

Cheryl Pinto
10 Jun 2019
Don Bosco Oros

The Staff of Don Bosco Oros met on June 7, after a refreshing summer break. At the invitation of Fr. Jonathan Ribeiro the staff began the scholastic year with a Retreat animated by Fr. Bernadino Almeida.

The prayer song immediately set the tone for the program ahead. Fr. Bernardino focused on the second R that is "Religion" in Don Bosco's Preventive System. He said that the spiritual development of the teacher is important to shape the children spiritually. A short prayer moment followed the input session.

The day ended with the staff members blessing each other and praying the three Hail Mary to Our Lady as Don Bosco taught us. This program will definitely strengthen the sacred teacher pupil relation the way Don Bosco wanted it to be.

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