DBCE holds Expert Talk on industry 4.0

13 Aug 2019
Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda

Voolapalli addressing the participants

The first session on Expert Talk series by Manager, Maintenance and Control, Commscope, Verna, Chaitanya Voolapalli was successfully held at Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda by the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Department on August 1, 2019.

Voolapalli, discussed the various shades of industrial automation, with the help of animations and video clips and how we have to move from Industry 1.0 of 1786 to industry 4.0 in the session entitled, Industrial automation – Industry 4.0 and beyond. The first industrial revolution was about coal, water and steam, bringing with it the steam engine and innovations, while the second industrial revolution came about with the invention of electricity and enabled mass production, he briefed. The third industrial revolution was all about computers. Transistors, microprocessors, robotics and automation that enabled new ways of processing and sharing information, he added. Fourth industrial revolution, also referred to as Industry 4.0 is the era of artificial intelligence, genome editing, biometrics, renewable energy, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things, he said. Voolapalli also highlighted the need to observe the trends in industrial revolution and to note the speed and intent with which emergent technology is changing.

While stating the benefits of Industry 4.0, he cautioned the students against its ill effects. He emphatically stressed on the importance of automation-industry and how it can and will reduce the job opportunities of humans in the due course of time.

Briefing about Industrial Automation, he discussed about the various control operations in industry and how automation helps in various processes of the industry. He also discussed the significance of PID controllers with apt examples of temperature control and driving of a vehicle. With the help of an example he briefed how predictive maintenance is done using IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Voolapalli advised the students to develop an acute curiosity to comprehend the gaps in the real world and see how they can fill the gaps with their innovative ideas and projects for mankind.

Sherwin Colaco delivered the vote of thanks. DBEATS faculty coordinators, Professors. Deron Rodrigues and D. S. Vidhya organized the programme.

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