DBCA hold demonstration on mushroom cultivation

Dr. Rakesh Kawale
21 Sep 2019
Don Bosco Agro-Ed Complex

DBCA students demonstrating mushroom cultivation

The students of Don Bosco College of Agriculture (DBCA), from Narve village of Bicholim Taluka presently pursuing their RAWEP training organised a demonstration on cultivation of mushroom through organic way under the guidance of Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology Dr. Narayan Gurav recently,

The main points communicated to the farmers and locals was, organic growing of mushroom is simple, easy and cost effective as it needs only few things such as straw, spawn control condition and cleanliness. The students also imparted information regarding the different types of mushrooms and their nutritional values such as oyster mushrooms contains more nutrition than button mushrooms.

The mushroom variety used for the demonstration was Pleurotus sajor caju also known as the pink mushroom. This variety grows faster and in just few days is ready to harvest. The students also clarified doubts regarding the methods and precautions needed.

One of the main reasons for the demonstration according to Dr. Gurav was to make the people aware that mushrooms is basically a fungus that naturally grows in monsoon season. However mushrooms are available all-round the year because they are grown in controlled environment. Though their taste and nutrition is similar, the bedding to grow them is prepared using harmful chemicals like formalin to keep away from contamination, but unfortunately some of it enters the mushrooms. However the same mushrooms can be grown organically which is healthier he said.

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