DBCA students hold workshop on Floriculture

Dr. Gourish Karanjalker
23 Sep 2019
Don Bosco Agro-Ed Complex

DBCA students demonstrating methods of floriculture

A workshop on Floriculture was successfully organized by Agriboosters group of Don Bosco College of Agriculture (DBCA), Sulcorna under Rural Agriculture Work Experience for the students of Mallikarjun College of Arts and Commerce, Canacona on September 18, 2019.

Dr. Manoj S. Kamat, Principal and Assistant Professor of Horticulture Dr. Gourish Karanjalker addressed and guided the DBCA students of Sulcorna through the workshop.

The DBCA students took turns to speak on various aspects and modern technologies adopted for the cultivation of flowers. Ryan Mascarenhas delivered a talk on soil preparation, orchard layout and cultivation of orchids and anthuriums and stressed on the importance of good media and soil properties for successfully growing various flowering crops. Mascarenhas also explained the practices adopted for cultivation of orchids and anthuriums in polyhouse.

The importance and concept of protected cultivation as in green house method was discussed in detail by Akshay Gaonkar. Saheel Velip and Sandesh Gaonkar demonstrated the different methods of vegetative propagation of plants including corms, cormels, tubers, leaf cutting, layerings etc. Major problems in cultivation of flowering plants such as rose, gladiolus, gerbera, jasmines etc., its related pests and diseases, the remedial measures were explained by Sapnesh Tawadkar and Kartik Vaiz. Nandesh Gaonkar took the opportunity to discuss on various intercultural operations like training, pruning, mulching etc., for successful cultivation of flowering crops.

Assistant Professor of Botany Akshtra Fernandes, encouraged the Agriboosters to have more command on their role to impart their knowledge especially amongst the youngsters. The agriboosters also gave an hands-on information regarding stone grafting of mango, budding in rose, layering in citrus and preparation of media for cultivating plants.

The students of DBCA confidently also answered questions from the participants. According to the students of DBCA the workshop helped them to become aware of their ability to reach out to youngsters and encourage them to cultivate flowering plants.

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