DBCA organizes workshop on Management of Cashew Stem and Root Borer

27 Sep 2019
Don Bosco Agro-Ed Complex

Field demonstration for treating cashew plants

Don Bosco College of Agriculture, Sulcorna (DBCA) in collaboration with NABARD (National bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) organized a one day workshop on Management of Cashew stem and root borer (CSRB) at Sancordem village Dharbandora, Goa.

The program was attended by Sarpanch Jitendra Naik, Deputy Sarpanch Neha kalekar, NABARD DDM Sushil Naik and Rural Agricultural Work Experience program officer Dr. Shreyas Jadhav. NABARD also provided the financial help for the program.

The CSRB problem which causes 10% loss in crop every year was addressed by Rajan Shelke, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Entomology. He also explained symptoms and life cycle of CSRB. Control measures like use of entomo-pathogenic fungus Beauvaria bassiana, Metarhizium anisopliae, and preventive measures like use of neem oil, calcium hydroxide and timely burning infested dead trees were suggested by him.

A field demonstration was also held for the participants on how to identify the infected cashew plants and apply pesticide. Methods of making a wedge in infected trunk and swapping with chloropyriphos 20 EC solution (5 ml per 1litre) and drenching roots with same solution was shown.

The workshop ended with a question and answer session during which the farmers got an opportunity to speak about CSRB scenario in their respective field and get their doubts cleared by Rajan Shelke.

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